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Programme Name
Developing Play Skills for Children with ASD
Summary of Topics Covered
Play is the main occupation of a child which promotes engagement and learning, independent performance, social inclusion and the development of visual motor skills and life skills. Play is the foundation of learning to socialize with others and typically happens, voluntarily or spontaneously. For individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) play is often characterized by deficits in reciprocal social, communication, and restricted and repetitive stereotyped patterns of behaviour. In this talk we will discuss practical advice and strategies for parents and caregivers on the following topics:
• The nature and typical development of play
• Using play to develop fine motor, visual perceptual skills and life skills
• Using play to develop language skills, social and emotional skills and problem-solving and thinking skills
• How to promote children with ASD’s engagement in functionally appropriate play
• Naturalistic approaches that focus on developing relationships and affect
• Using play for sensory-motor development, wellness, relaxation, and to promote physical wellbeing
• Structured play dates for success
Age group of child/ren that course applies to
Who is this course/event for?
Kildare Town, Co. Kildare
Venue Details
Kildare Community Library, Kildare Town Centre, Claregate St., Kildare, Co. Kildare, R51 P403
Start Date
End Date
Start Time
07:00 pm
Finish Time
08:00 pm
Once off Event
Free event but booking required
How to book a place?
Contact Kildare Community Library on 045 520235 or email
Programme provider
Kildare Library & Arts Service
Name of Facilitator
Joanne Fine & Eimear Quinlan

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